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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Peterpan versi Indiahe

Mungkin dah "basbang" alias basi bangat kali ye berita ini,tapi asik juga kaya'nya tuk di postingkan.
Berita tertanggal August 16, 2006 dari :

"..... ' Now after this good news, a saddening piece of information. 'Kya Mujhe' is a straight lift from a song called 'Tak Bisakah' which has been composed and sung by one of Indonesia's most popular and successful pop groups, 'Peterpan'! Of course Pritam has made the Indian version much peppier and exciting but the 'inspiration' factor doesn't seem to be abandoning Bhatts and the composer. Well, if one ignores the inspiration then it can't be denied that 'Kya Mujhe' is going to be one of the most heard tracks this year. DJs A Myth and Kiran take the song to a new level altogether as they arrive with a snazzier remix version of the song that is again an awesome piece of music.'..."

Mungkin Bu Guru ini mau terjemahin untuk kita-2 yg kurang okeeeh inggrisnya :-P
Coba dengerin deh lagunya,bisa download disini.
Asik juga tuh bwt goyang-2 jempol hahahaha


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